Math, English, Science, Languages, Study Skills and More

We recently expanded our excellent faculty to some 12 tutors and five counselors, all of whom are teachers and counselors with Master's, LCSW, PsyD, Ph.D. or JD.  This level of education, experience, and expertise is a differentiator over what our competitors can offer students and allows us to add services:  


  • Full-scale academic counseling grades K - 12

  • Counseling and Psychotherapy, individual and family, through the auspices of L.C.S.Ws Karen Boates, Jenna Kimmel.

  • Complete Child Study Evaluation/I.E.P. by a full team of NJ licensed professionals, whose NorthStar work has been accepted and implemented in our public schools.

  • Early learning specialist:  reading, writing, skills

  • Specialized reading comp and writng, all levels 


College Students in Corridor

We add the above programs and tools to our on-going, proven services:



  • Essay writing all levels and types:  college app, op-ed, and other standard forms.

  • Comprehensive College Advisory 

  • One-on-one tutoring, seven days/week, all mainstream subjects

  • Homework help:  organization, execution.  We advise the student to do the work!

  • Our brilliant 12-hour Study Skills program, grades 7 through 12

  • Reading-with-comprehension - not speed reading 

  • Child Psychological and Educational Evaluations by a team of state-licensed counselors:  LCSW, School Psychologist, Learning Specialist

  • Assistive Technology: licensed Dr. Andrew Becker administers individualized evaluations targeted to students at any level of ability to obtain and apply learning technologies from low(est) tech to mid- and high-tech (tablets, etc.)


Please call  (908) 788 3660.  We’ll strive for your student’s personal best through one on one tutoring!